The futuristic retail


“Cyberdog´s clothing range is famous throughout the known universe – and pretty popular in the unknown universe as well!” – This is the first sentence you read if you visit the webpage of Cyberdog, and this is also the first impression you get if you visit the physical store. I´m talking about Cyberdog, a bizarre clothing and accessory retail shop placed in the well-known borough of Candem Town in London.

The store is located in the heart of Candem Lock Market. By only seeing the front door, cyberdog1guarded by two huge metal statues of cyber-humans, you will soon realise that Cyberdog is not a common store. Once entering, you´ll see the vibrant colours, boosted by a surrounding black light, several screens, loud club music, neon and led lights and amazing designs of clothes and other objects they offer in there, such as bright fluorescent dance clothing or UV-fluorescent items. That makes a unique shopping experience, that attracts locals and tourists to the store just for visiting.

The club atmosphere is complemented by dancers in the shelves, futurist-dressed mannequins, coloured lights and laser all around the two floors underground. The shop assistants are also outlandish people, with many facial piercings and odd wearing objects.


So, why is this store so inspiring?

Because in the era of electronic commerce, global shopping and extreme marketing and competition, shopping experiences are bound to be vital to attract and satisfy the new generation of consumers that are coming.

The general idea is that, like a visit to a museum or for simply spending your spare time, potential customers would go at your store, the would enjoy the experience and see things that attracted them to buy. After that visit, these potential clients could become online clients via the online shopping. In addition, they might recommend a visit to your place to their friends who could become potential customers.

To sum up, firstly: visit my place and enjoy. Secondly: see and choose what you like and remember the name (and webpage) of my store. Thirdly, shop it via Internet; and finally talk about the funny experience to other possible new customers. The goal, therefore, is to create a good marketing experience in the physical store, leaving aside aspects as control of stocks, which would be able to launch customers to shopping in that moment or later online.

Retail is gonna change. At the present times, street shops competing with online shops, but physical stores have more expensive prices, with the main advantage that you get the product at the moment you decide to buy it. However, online shopping is improving the delivery at a rapid pace, offering a huge range of products to be delivered at home in 4-hous-time or a pick-up option the following day at a nearby shop. It is certainly expected that logistic chain distribution will be faster and cheaper, so it may advisable that street shops don´t try to compete in price or in board range products with webpages rather than take advantage of the enormous value they can generate attracting visitors with something they could offer.

Cyberdog, the futuristic retail store, could soon be a common retail practice in the future: stores with live music performances, free food, walls full of art or original promotions. Thereby, the shopping experience could be the best marketing option to build the brand.



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